Remuneration advice

One of the imperatives in attracting and retaining high performing staff is related to the design and competitiveness of remuneration packages. The Executive Index supplies information on current salary market conditions and trends. We advise on package flexibility and options, together with offer related non-monetary employment contract conditions and benefits. We also make offers and negotiate on your behalf with selected candidates.

Career advice

Any decision to join a new employer has potential career ramifications – good and bad. The benefits or pitfalls of ill-considered decisions are often reflected in the long rather than short term. With a thorough understanding of the hiring decision-making processes at a senior level and the influencing factors impacting successful careers, The Executive Index is ideally placed to provide insightful advice to both hiring executives and those considering their next move.

Talk to us today about career and remuneration advice, either as an employer seeking to appoint; or a professional/executive taking your next career step